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Brand Connect
Employer brand projects support.
We assist you in research, employer brand strategy and EVP positioning, creative concept, activation of communications plan and so on.

Brand Connect Light - basic package (1 individual consultation 1-1.5 hours, a workshop with the team, 1 focus group with external target audience).
Brand Connect Pro - full package (2 individual consultations, a workshop, 1 focus group with 2 target audiences as chosen).

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Recruitment Campaigns

We organize unique recruiting campaigns.
We increase your employer brand awareness.
Event recruiting

We conduct events to attract new employees in various interactive and gaming formats.

Graduate Recruiting

  • We attract young specialists, students and university graduates.
  • We create internship programs together with employers.
  • We conduct research among young people.
  • We organize advertising campaigns.
Executive search

Searching for key and rare professionals is one of our strengths. We provide active direct search for top and middle management as well as narrow specialists. Additionally, we offer headhunting (poaching unique and successful talent from competitors). This is possible thanks to Brand Resource large database of CVs not featured in open sources.

So, it makes it possible to find perfect candidates in sales, marketing, construction, real estate and so on.

When outsourcing a recruitment task to Brand Resource you get:

  • Job market analytics;
  • Potential candidate's professional level and experience assessment;
  • Potential candidate's match to the employer's values and corporate culture.
Candidate Service

We assist key specialists in employment and career development.


Our consultants can select suitable vacancies for you both in Russia and abroad. We help create a top-level CV and portfolio to showcase your professional skills and achievements and also advise on best preparation for interviews.

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