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Brand Connect
Employer brand projects support.
We assist you in research, employer brand strategy and EVP positioning, creative concept, activation of communications plan and so on.

Brand Connect Light - basic package (1 individual consultation 1-1.5 hours, a workshop with the team, 1 focus group with external target audience).
Brand Connect Pro - full package (2 individual consultations, a workshop, 1 focus group with 2 target audiences as chosen).

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Gamification and eSports

Are you looking for new opportunities to attract and retain talent?

Gamification and esports help you create your innovative employer image.


We expand talent attraction channels, increasing your employer brand awareness, making esport values part of your company's EVP and creating unique referral programs.


Join us to use the most effective tools to attract talent to your company, develop employee experience and increase employee engagement in an exciting way.


We develop and conduct value introduction games.

Value activation makes your corporate culture your competitive advantage.

During this game, your employees develope skills to follow company values.

Employees who share company values are more loyal and engaged.

We research and help introduce cyber activities into your company's corporate culture. How this is done:

• to attract talent
• to develop Employee Experience
• staff training through the game

E-sports provide an excellent opportunity to include the esports audience, Y and Z generation (young people 18 - 34 years old) to your company's audience.
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